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Consultant Mastery

This Course will teach you the skills that you need to succeed as a Salesforce Consultant!

This is What You Get When You Enroll:

  • 29 Modules (more coming soon)
  • 5+ Hours of Video Content
  • 3 Real-world projects
  • Private Student Community
  • Hands-on Experience in a Live Environment


Learn to build Salesforce solutions that solve real business problems and get paid for it!

I came to the USA in 2006 as a hospitality intern. From 2006 - 2015, I worked within the hospitality industry with ZERO knowledge or understanding of this thing called "Salesforce."

But then, in June of 2015, I took a leap of faith and started working as a Business Analyst for a Utility Company. This was a complete 180 for me, and I was ENTIRELY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE.

The company had hired me as a contractor to help implement Salesforce to replace a legacy CRM.

This was my springboard into the Salesforce Ecosystem. After two short years of being a Salesforce Admin, I was ready to take my career to the next step.

So I joined Slalom Consulting LLC as a CRM Consultant. This gave me the exposure I needed to learn the vast landscape of Salesforce and work on a multitude of projects where I would be the primary Solution Architect Delivering the Salesforce solution to our clients. 

I hope to distill that knowledge of how to go from a Salesforce Admin to a Consultant, and pass it on to you.....

I have been involved with Amit on number of initiatives both on Salesforce and otherwise. He is one of the highly experienced consultants within Texas Salesforce community and have been involved in providing corporate training. But now Amit is taking his experience and training skills to the next level. The course that Amit has put together is one of its kind and first in the industry. He not only brings his knowledge and experience to life but he goes even further by sharing a live and breathing real life projects with all its complexities.

He not only lays bare the intricacies of delivering a Salesforce solution but does it in a way where you learn the platform and learn how to manage this project in an Agile environment.

So get ready to march ahead in your consultant career as this course is worth every cent and more, and at a fraction of price for what Salesforce charges for its dull and limited courses.

And the best thing is you get to learn 3 industry projects for the price of 1. Now thats what I call win/win.

- Monte / Melbourne

Consultant Skills


  • Understanding how to implement user stories
  • Interacting with clients in a meaningful way
  • Paving a path for your career success and growth
  • Learning how to interact with stakeholders

Technical Skills

  • Workflow Rules, Process Builders, Approval Processes 
  • Validation Rules, Formula Fields & Much More....
  • How to use Jira to write user stories and transform them into technical working prototypes in Salesforce
  • Understand the end-to-end Salesforce implementation

Introducing Consultant Mastery

Follow the same step-by-step process that launched my career and helped me double my salary from $55K to $120K

An industry-first online course that will guide you through the process of becoming a consultant. Step into my shoes as we walk through multiple real-life projects of what it's like to be a consultant. From user stories to process maps to implementing a prototypical working solution in your own Salesforce org. Quickly develop transferable Salesforce skills, allowing you to ace job interviews and start landing better jobs!

Special beta launch offer! Enroll now and get a 50% discount!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Real-World Projects

This course isn't theoretical. You will get hands-on experience with real-world projects.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the course, along with all future updates.

Private Community

Join a private student-only community where you can interact with other fellow #AwesomeAdmins

Course Completion Certificate

Receive a completion certificate after successfully implementing one real-life project in your own Salesforce org.

Real-World projects included in the course?

Below are some of the finer details of what you can expect to find inside Consultant Mastery


Project 1: TransferX (Legacy CRM to Salesforce)

For our first project, we will dive deep into an existing mature Salesforce org for a company called TransferX. Here we will be onboarding a new sub-set of users, migrating from a legacy system to Salesforce for their business processes.

Difficulty: Advanced
Status: Live
Platform: Service Cloud


Project 2: Drone Management for State Government

The State of Zion has contracted you to set up a drone management system. The city uses its drones for a multitude of surveillance projects. They would like to capture all of this data within Salesforce.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Status: Coming Soon

Platform: Sales Cloud


Project 3: Correspondence Management for State Government

Emerald City has contracted us to build out a robust correspondence management system using Salesforce Service Cloud. They're currently using faxes and emails to handle correspondence with their constituents. Imagine if you'd like to report a fallen tree in your neighborhood? Or an exit sign missing? Emerald City would like all of this to be automated within Salesforce. 

Difficulty: Beginner

Status: Coming Soon

Platform: Service Cloud


Since there are real-world projects we'll be covering them in real-world style. Which means every project will go through Agile methodology (SCRUM). And each section of learning will be broken down into a Sprint. 

  • Project 1

  • Project 2

  • Project 3

Curriculum for TransferX (Legacy CRM to Salesforce Service Cloud)

Project 1 - Sprint 1

Topics covered in Sprint-1

  • How to write Jira stories
  • Profiles & record types
  • Page layouts & field level security
  • Picklists, record types & currency fields
  • Custom fields & UAT feedback
  • Support Processes
  • Lightning record pages
  • Field dependencies & record types
  • Building an approval process
  • Email alerts & email templates 

Project 1 - Sprint 2

Topics covered in Sprint-2

  • Process builder
  • Validation rules

Project 1 - Sprint 3

Topics covered in Sprint-3

  • List views
  • UAT feedback implementation
  • Updating picklists on record types
  • Permissions sets
  • Approval process updates

Project 1 - Sprint 4

Topics covered in Sprint-4

  • Path enablement
  • Changeset deployments
  • Deployment checklist
  • Mass imports (dataloader)


But wait, there's more....

I would like to thank you for being part of the founding-member price. So below are some bonuses to show my appreciation and also help you get the most out of this online course. 

Bonus 1
Private Student-Only Community

Join like-minded #awesomeadmins. Whether it's getting your questions answered, finding ways to connect with other Salesforce professionals, or maybe looking for job advice.

You will get access to a private community only for paid members where we get to talk Salesforce shop!

Bonus 2
Project Highlights

Apart from the three real-world projects, I will also have some bonus lessons to cover project highlights of the different projects I've completed.

Some of these projects are very involved, e.g., Vaccine Orchestration Project for the City of Timbuktu.

This project has 40+ people working on it and a complex tech stack to help the city ahead of the COVID Vaccine. I will walk you through the project highlights along with the solution implementation. 

Bonus 3
Monthly Live Q&A 

Submit your questions for a monthly live Q&A session. Join me once a month for a live interactive webinar where I will answer your burning questions about Salesforce. 

Pricing Options

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  • Lifetime Access
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Flex Pay

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Two split payments of $137/ea

  • All current and future updates
  • Lifetime Access
  • Private Support Community
  • Founding Member Pricing
  • Bonus Resources + Pro Tips


Jason Jung

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And if you don't see a tangible, visible increase in your knowledge of Salesforce within 90 days of buying this course, I'll send you 100% of your money back. 

No hoops to jump through. Just make an honest attempt at following the Consultant Mastery Course! 

Unlimited Access for the Lifetime of the Course

You get unlimited access to the course and all updates for as long as the course is available online.

If I ever take it down, I’ll email you and give you at least a 1 year heads-up.

People ask if they get lifetime access to the course. The answer is no, I’m not committing to lifetime access because, honestly, the logistics of that sounds pretty ridiculous, especially if you live longer than me.

However, you do get access for the lifetime of the course… plus you get all future updates for free!

Typical Cost Of Salesforce Bootcamp is $900!

A typical Salesforce bootcamp will cost you $900 and covers ONLY the basics of being an Admin. 

You Get It All For Just $247!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course along with any future updates. This is a self-paced course, so take it at your own pace. 

Will I get a Salesforce Consultant job after taking this?

If you apply all the soft skills and technical skills that I teach you during the course, then yes! You should be able to get a job as a Salesforce Consultant. Although, nothing is a guarantee! Just like you're not guaranteed a job after graduating college. 

What is your refund policy? 

We have a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. As long as you put in the time to consume the content, I will be happy to refund you the money if you don't see value in this course. Just email me to get your refund. You do have to put in the work though and complete all the exercises I ask you to. 

How long will it take to complete this course?

It really depends on your time and availability. You can either binge watch it #netflixstyle or take your time to complete it, one day at a time. 

How do I verify your credentials? 

You can verify my Salesforce credentials by clicking on this link

My question is not listed here? 

Still got questions? Shoot me an email at amit@sfdcmastery.com or you can text me at +1-469-665-9837

Are you ready to take your Salesforce Career to the next level?

From $55K to $120K Annual Income

I went from making $55,000 as a Hotel General Manager to making $120,000 as a Salesforce consultant. I don't know about you, but that kind of money has helped me give my family the life that they deserve and also allowed me to live a life of freedom......

Freedom from debt, from stress and from being scared.

Now when I'm not working, I get to enjoy time with my family and live the life that I always dreamed of!

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